Be More Productive, Feel Less Stressed

Mastering Day Theming

Being an entrepreneur, you quickly get familiar with putting out fires left, right, and center. You’re always on the move, juggling multiple tasks.

At first, this hustle feels rewarding. It’s like you’re at the center of everything, indispensable. But let’s be real, this pace? It’s a highway to burnout city.

I’ve been there, and trust me, it wasn’t pretty.

Now, I'm about to let you in on a little secret, something that's a game changer. It's not some trendy hack you'll forget in a week. This is real, actionable, and it works.

Ready for it?

It's called 'Day Theming'. Stick with me here; it's simpler than it sounds.

Ever heard of context switching? It's that thing where one minute you're coding away, and the next, you're knee-deep in emails, only to be yanked into a customer service fire. It's exhausting.

So, what's this theming all about? Imagine dedicating each day to a specific theme or area of your work.

Mondays are for internal meetings, Tuesdays for content production, you get the gist. This way, you're not ping-ponging between tasks.

You've got focus, and your brain isn't doing mental gymnastics all day.

But hey, life happens, right? Emergencies pop up.

Theming isn't about being rigid; it's about having a base to return to, so you're not thrown off course every time something urgent comes up.

It's about controlling your time and priorities, not the other way around.

Want to start implementing day theming in your life? Here are 4 key steps to keep in mind:

  1. Identify Key Focus Areas

  2. Designate Themes to Days

  3. Limit Exceptions

  4. Evaluate and Adjust

Day Theming Tips

Starting small is key. Try theming just a part of your day or one day a week. As you feel the difference, expand on it.

The goal? To work smarter, not harder. To enjoy what you do, without feeling like you're in a constant state of chaos.

I even separate mornings vs afternoons, as I typically like doing solo work in the morning, and try to leave meetings to the afternoon.

For example, my Thursday mornings are for deep work while my Thursday afternoons are for external meetings.

Give it a shot.

Theme your days and watch your productivity, and more importantly, your enjoyment of your work, soar.

It's a simple change, but it might just be the one that transforms your work life.