The Ultimate Solution for Noise-Free Virtual Meetings

Chaos. It's the rhythm of the work-from-home life we've all gotten to know a bit too well.

Picture this: You're on an important call, and this is your moment to shine. But so is every appliance in your house, it seems.

The dishwasher is running its marathon, the dog is on a barking spree, and outside? The world has decided it's the perfect time for a symphony of construction.

The truth is all of that might not happen at the exact same time, but all of that definitely happens on any given week.

Having a good headset and mic is a great start to having clear meetings, but it still doesn’t solve one key problem…

blocking the noise for the person on the other side of the meeting.

Think about it: In a perfectly silent room, a mic does wonders because your guest in the online meeting can hear you nice and clearly.

But let’s be honest, how often are we in perfectly silent rooms?

Now, for those thinking about noise-cancelling headphones, that’s awesome to block out the noise for you—but not for the guest.

Don’t get me wrong—I have noise-canceling headphones that I absolutely swear by - especially when traveling. It’s amazing to have them on an airplane, especially in a situation where there is a crying baby!

But what about the other person? How can we make their experience better?

Well, that’s where this app that I’ve been using for a few years comes in - Think of it as your AI-powered assistant for meetings and calls.

This app turns my noisy chaos into serene silence, at least for those on the other end of the call.

For those who are skeptical, you can check out their website, where you can toggle audio with Krisp on/off to hear the difference.

I wanted to give you a real-life example.

Here is a video of my balcony undergoing a transformation.

Not a peaceful, zen-like transformation, but a full-on, jackhammer-fueled, tiles flying everywhere kind of ordeal.

Now, keep in mind that the audio quality is usually better than this.

It sounds a bit weird at some points, but that’s because I was trying to film myself using my phone to capture my meeting on my computer, so I was getting a bit of echo and weird stuff, but the point stands.

Watch this video, and tell me this is not amazing.

The cost? Surprisingly low.

For what it offers, $8 a month feels like a steal. And they've got a free plan too, though with some limitations.

I've taken Krisp with me beyond just my home office. It's been a lifesaver in coffee shops, co-working spaces, and yes, even parks.

You might be wondering, "Is it really for me?"

Well, here’s my take:

If you've ever found yourself hitting the mute button more than actually speaking, or if you've ever had to apologize for background noise you couldn't control, then Krisp is definitely something you should check out.

And just so we're clear, I'm just sharing something that's worked wonders for me. I have no ties to Krisp (though part of me wishes I did!).

Until next week,


P.S. Found value in our little expedition into the world of Krisp? Consider forwarding this to someone who might be navigating their own work-from-home challenges. And if you're not yet a subscriber, join us. There's a whole world of discoveries waiting on the other side.